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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you activate your membership, you can start referring friends to earn and redeem premium 0.5g pods. For every 3 friends who sign up using your unique referral link, you'll get a credit added to your account that you can redeem for $1 taster pods*.

Each friend you refer will receive an invitation to join and become an Airgraft Member ($10/month). Your friend will also be able to redeem a 0.5g mystery taster pod but will need to purchase an Airgraft 2 Battery*.

*Free delivery with $50 purchase.

You can refer friends by SMS or email through your ‘My Rewards’ page.

Your friends must click on your unique link and become an Airgraft Member in order for your referral to be valid.

To find your referral link, go to 'My Rewards’.

All credits you have accumulated so far will stay in your account. For every 3 friends you refer, you will receive a 0.5g mystery taster pod*.

Each friend will also be able to redeem a 0.5g mystery taster pod* that will be added to their cart automatically once they have activated their membership.

*Free delivery with $50 purchase.

Simply go to your "My Rewards" page, once you have earned referral credits, and tap on "Add to Cart" to redeem your pod and book a delivery from a delivering dispensary.

*Free delivery with $50 purchase.