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Frequently Asked Questions

Airgraft is a vapor platform serving award-winning cannabis brands that make some of the world’s best extractions. Our technology serves cleaner, better tasting vapor in pods that are food safe, and last longer than other cartridges. New extracts are added frequently for you to discover and enjoy.

We introduced the paid Airgraft Membership in July 2021 so we could bring a premium cannabis experience to everyone. While the membership fee approach ensured accessible prices, your feedback told us that the additional friction was detrimental to your Airgraft experience.

As of July 21st, 2022, we have decided to remove the paid membership fee and make the Airgraft membership experience FREE to everyone.


As of July 21st, 2022, the Airgraft membership is FREE for everyone, you just need an Airgraft account to be able to unlock your Airgraft pods.

No action is needed for you to continue to access Airgraft’s member benefits.

You will no longer be charged each month, but will still be able to unlock your Airgraft pods, rate your pods, and place orders on Airgraft XPRESS where available.

Our mission is to make the superlative vapor experience accessible to everyone, forever.

While you can expect to continue to purchase Airgraft products at current member prices, they will be adjusted a little this fall to ensure we can continue to deliver the amazing vapor experience you’ve come to expect from us. Stay tuned for further announcements closer to September 2022.

Yes. The process of “unlocking” loads pre-calibrated heating algorithms onto Airgraft pods prior to use. Airgraft heating algorithms are confirmed between Airgraft and oil producers prior to filling the pods to optimize for the delivery of more flavor and potency in your vapor throughout the life of the pod. As Airgraft membership is now free, anyone purchasing our pods will get the benefit of our optimized heating technology.

Loyalty program is going to be under construction for a little while to address the changes to the membership. In the meantime your already earned loyalty points are still eligible for redemption on Airgraft XPRESS, while quantities last.

Additionally, you’ll still be able to earn loyalty points with your first XPRESS order each month, and continue to earn points for pod ratings.

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