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Frequently Asked Questions

Airgraft membership allows you to enjoy the most sought after extracts for less.

How, you ask? Typically, cannabis brands buy vaporizer cartridges, tech and packaging, fill them, and then they are sold through wholesale, retail, after which you buy them. At each step, costs are marked up. Airgraft removes the technology, pod and package costs from all of these markup steps, so when you buy Airgraft pods, you are truly paying for the cannabis only. This saves you a bunch from the very first pod.

Your Airgraft 2 membership allows you to unlock unlimited pods on the Airgraft platform, subject to Fair Use Policy, and Airgraft Terms and Conditions.

To use the Airgraft 2 Battery and pods, you need to have an Airgraft 2 membership. This allows you to unlock your Airgraft 2 pods.

How do I unlock my Airgraft 2 pod? Take a look at our step-by-step onboarding video for unlocking your pod or read our detailed Help Article.

Certainly. While we are sad to see you go, we understand that you may need to pause your membership or cancel your account. We made this as simple a process as possible:

  • Go to ‘My Profile’;
  • Click on the ‘Account Settings’ icon;
  • Select either "pause payments" or "cancel plan".

Your Airgraft membership remains active until the last day of your then-current billing cycle. If you pause or cancel with time left in your billing cycle, you’ll continue to have access to your Airgraft account and our technology until the end of that cycle.

Pods you have unlocked as a member stay unlocked and you can continue to use them.

The two generations of Airgraft batteries and pods are not compatible due to extensive modifications and improvements in the vaporization of Airgraft 2. In order to use Airgraft 2 pods, you’ll need to have an Airgraft 2 battery.

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For immediate assistance visit out our Help Center.

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