Open letter to Tim Cook
and team at Apple

Published Date: November 15th, 2019


We understand this morning Apple reacted to CDC reports on vaping additive illness by removing all vaporization related applications from the App Store. I’m writing to say we support Apple in taking a stance on the issue, but also to let you know that the blanket decision inadvertently undermines the very people who are working day and night to address the problem.

“Vaping related illness”, or more accurately, illness caused by illicit vaporization products containing Vitamin E Acetate or potentially other dangerous material, is a real and serious issue. Use of illicit liquids, diluted with harmful cutting agents, served out of cartridges that haven’t been tested under Prop65 for contaminants, carries inevitable consequences. However, by not supporting regulated and tested product, we are pushing people to the exact substances that are the cause of illness.

Airgraft was founded to specifically address safety in legal cannabis vapor. We created the SecurePod, an encrypted and tracked cartridge for cannabis oil that works with Airgraft device to ensure that the delivered substance complies with the strictest of government guidelines. To activate the pod, a licensed cannabis oil producer must submit a licenced third party lab report, as proof that no cutting agents, solvents, or contaminants exist in the pod. The pods themselves are tested to ensure no contaminants such as heavy metals interact with the oil. If there ever was a discovery of a new contaminant, or an issue with any batch, Airgraft system enables in-field recall that deactivates affected pods to immediately prevent consumption. We use connectivity through iPhone and iOS to enable the verification of pods and as a method of delivering complete substance transparency and education to our users. As of this morning, this public health solution is no longer available for new Airgraft iOS users. As technology leaders, it is our responsibility to address this public safety problem, not disengage from it. We at Airgraft will continue to ensure the safe use of cannabis vapor, and I really hope I can count on you to help and empower this effort.

Let’s work together.


Mladen Barbaric
Founder, CEO
Airgraft, Inc.

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