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Most Popular Questions
Where Can I Buy New Charging Cables?

If you lost your charging cable or it is not working, you can purchase a new one on the Accessories section of our website.

Where can I buy new pods or devices?

Currently Airgraft products are only available for sale in California. You are able to purchase the Airgraft Clean Vaporizer online here or from any of our retail partners. We currently have retail partners in Los Angeles and San Fransisco. If you are looking for Airgraft compatible pods, please visit our oils page. You will be able to browse the selection of oils and find a store nearest you.

How long does a pod last?

Each pod lasts for 1000 seconds, so between 200-250 complete draws (1 draw = 1 full circle on your draw control in the app). When you insert your pod into your device, you can look at the amber LED bar on your vaporizer for an estimate of your remaining oil level. As you use it, the LED bar will start to progressively lower towards the left.

What makes your vapor clean?

Airgraft doesn’t allow fillers, solvents, artificial flavours or contaminants of any sort on the platform. We also use encryption on pods and an authentication system to prevent tampering or black market manipulation, so you always know exactly what you consume. It is absolutely horrifying that vaporization cartridges are sold with fillers, solvents and containing contaminants like heavy metals or pesticides. Black market or not, under NO circumstance should you buy something to consume if you don’t know precisely what’s in it. This is why Airgraft exists - we only allow clean, thoroughly tested product, with the 3rd party lab report available on your app for every pod.

Why is my device not producing a big cloud?

Airgraft produces vapor, not smoke. Although vapor is less visible, make no mistake, a lack of a big cloud does NOT imply a lack of potency.

Airgraft Web App
Draw Volume Meter

While drawing from your Airgraft Vaporizer, your app’s Draw Volume Meter displays the amount of vapor consumed per draw or per session. Sessions reset every 15 minutes.

Where Can I find the Third-Party Lab Analysis

You can pull up our third-party lab report for your current pod right in the Airgraft app. Tap the oil icon in the bottom left corner and then tap the name of the oil located at the bottom of the page to access the product details screen. Then scroll down about a page and a half to the Certificate of Analysis.

In-App Chat

If ever you require immediate assistance or have any feedback you'd like to share, you can contact us directly through the Airgraft in-app chat, or email us at [email protected]

Pairing Multiple Airgrafts to the Same Phone

At the moment each Airgraft Vaporizer can only be paired with one account. If you would like to use your Airgraft on someone else's phone, you simply have to log out of their account and sign in to yours. If this doesn’t address your issue and you still feel the need to pair two Airgraft Vaporizers to the same account please submit a feature request through the Customer Support through our in-app chat.

Device Lock

In an effort to prevent underage use, all Airgraft Vaporizers are equipped with a digital device lock feature that prevents unauthorized use. Navigate to to to lock or unlock your Airgraft Vaporizer.

Active Ingredient Breakdown

Below the Draw Volume Meter, a list of active ingredients per draw & per session is displayed in real-time as you draw. Each oil must comply with mandated regulatory testing and undergoes a rigorous third-party lab analysis. Levels of THC and CBD, as well as other components of the oil are accurately captured through this step. You can pull up our third-party lab report right in the Airgraft app for the particular oil you are enjoying. Airgraft measures flow of vapor to calculate how much vapor you have consumed. Since we have detailed lab reports for every oil on our platform, we can tell the breakdown of every draw.

I Broke My Device, What Do I Do?

If you've broken your device, please consult our warranty and return policy or contact our Community Manager either through your in-app chat or [email protected]
My Pod Is Leaking, What Do I Do?

If you've noticed that your pod is leaking, please remove it from the device immediately and wipe the underneath of the pod and the interior of the device. If the pod still does not function, please consult our warranty and return policy or contact our Community Manager either through your in-app chat or [email protected]
My Device Says "Pod Not Recognized"

If your device is paired, but your Pod is not recognized, try the following steps:

1. Wipe the outside of your Pod to ensure there is no residual oil impairing the connection with your device.

2. Visually inspect your Pod by holding it up to a light source and ensuring there is still oil in it.

3."Kill your app" and try re-inserting the Pod.

4. If your device is still not recognizing the Pod or if your LED bar is blinking red, please consult our warranty and return policy or contact our Customer Experience Specialist or our Community Manager either through your in-app chat or [email protected]

My Device Isn't Turning On

If your Airgraft Vaporizer is not recognized by and there is no LED bar activity, charge your device for several minutes and try again. Note that it takes a full hour to full charge the device. If your device is still not turning on, please contact Customer Support through our in-app chat or [email protected]

How Do I Unpair My Device?

Each Airgraft device can only be linked to one account at a time. If you have previously paired your Airgraft with another phone and are now unable to pair your device, follow these steps:

1. Delete your Airgraft from the previous phone (Device Tab > Manage Device > Delete Device)

2. Log in to your account on your phone

3. Follow the pairing instructions

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