Taste matters

In the world of connoisseur-quality cannabis extracts, the standard has long been set by F/ELD, and for one reason alone: taste. With more awards than we’re willing to list, whether in their single-source, all-in-house oils or their dream-come-true collabs, F/ELD’s full-spectrum extracts deliver a depth and complexity of flavor and experience that simply lead the pack. Take your pick.


Opinionated Extraction
Every single F/ELD product is made exclusively of full-spectrum, terpene-rich cannabis oil derived from top-quality, fresh-frozen flower from a single producer, and contains no distillate, no additives and, of course, no cutting agents. But F/ELD goes farther. Using bespoke, batch-specific extraction parameters on ruthlessly-selected genetics from gifted growers, F/ELD is driven to deliver nothing but the purest, terpiest essence of a strain’s flavor and effects. Like the plant, but more so.
Near-Perfect Flower
It’s simple: the best extracts come from the best flower. Which is why F/ELD only works with growers who hold themselves to the same almost-impossible standards as they do. That means only head-turning strains and mouth-watering terpene profiles, guided into perfection by some of the best cultivators on earth, concentrated into oils outstanding enough to bear the F/ELD name. Tough standard to meet.


Clean Vaporizer
by Airgraft

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Charging Cable
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