A Golden State is not a place, it’s a state of mind

A clean, elevated experience created for recreation, relaxation, sharing with friends, unwinding solo, or finding the right headspace for enjoyment. Each experience is expertly curated to produce the highest quality solventless oil. Enjoy all of the same benefits and aromas of our terpene-rich, high potency flower profiles, with no artificial additives. Pure, potent cannabis oil that stays true to our flower.


A Golden State prides itself on ensuring consistency and defining what is a premium cannabis experience with high-quality products.


Extraction process and methodology
Our fresh whole flower, solventless oil is made from a live resin extract. The live resin process begins with cryogenically freezing the flower throughout the extraction process to preserve the natural therapeutic compounds and essence of the plant. The innovative extraction process produces a full-spectrum oil that is rich in cannabis-derived terpenes and cannabinoids for added benefits and robust flavor. With A Golden State, you get a consistently pure, true-to-strain connoisseur experience. Be your highest self and enjoy the exceptional taste of a flavorful oil like no other.
Story of our flower
A Golden State offers an artfully curated experience that begins with entirely our own genetics and indoor flower gardens. While our operation is forward-thinking, we remain true to our roots as cultivation pioneers. As connoisseurs, we hold ourselves to the absolute highest standards. Our facility in Shasta Lake, California, strictly uses sustainable energy, and our gardens are watered with snowmelt trickling down from Mount Shasta.

Our techniques are environmentally progressive and our cultivation team is both award-winning and leaders within the industry. Attention to detail is paramount for us, from the snowmelt glacier water, hydroelectric power, sustainable packaging, seed to sale accountability, or our organic & bio-mineral nutrients. A Golden State is best-in-class. We strive for perfection as can be seen by our hand-trimmed flower. Connoisseur cannabis grown by the very best.


Clean Vaporizer
by Airgraft

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Charging Cable
by Airgraft

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