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Our web app requires Bluetooth and runs perfectly on Latest Google Chrome.

Airgraft Web App

Important Notice for iOS Users
On December 2nd, Apple decided to remove Cider, the web browser used to access the Airgraft app, from their app store.

If you've already downloaded Cider you can continue to use your app. For new iOS users, we encourage you to sign up using our desktop experience, with Chrome.

We thank you for your continued support and are doing everything we can to improve your experience.

To return to the Airgraft Web App, please press the “DONE” button on the top left corner of your screen.

Vapor Style

Vapor Style

Toggle between three finely tuned levels of vapor production to find your perfect draw. Only with the Airgraft Web App.

Vapor Style

Vapor Style

Toggle between three finely tuned levels of vapor production to find your perfect draw. Only with the Airgraft Web App.

Control, discover & re-order

Control the experience

Find your perfect draw with visual portion feedback in real time. Then lock it for a repeatable and controlled experience.

Trust what you consume

Lab report for every oil is available right in the app. Complete transparency for peace of mind.

Track your use

Understand your vapor and taste preferences and stay on top of your consumption over time.

Reorder with Airgraft Express

Order Airgraft products directly from licensed dispensaries near you for delivery or pickup.

Get Airgraft

Get Airgraft

Fresh flower oil. Now in real vapor.

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Why do I need an app for my Airgraft?

Although your Airgraft will work fine out of the box, pairing it with the app unlocks a set of unique features that will take your vapor experience to the next level. Amazing stuff like advanced vapor controls, enabling you to find your perfect draw and much more besides.

How do I pair my Airgraft?

Your Airgraft uses Bluetooth to connect to the Web App, whether you are on desktop or smartphone. Please make sure your Airgraft is charged and awake, then follow the instructions on how to pair in the app.

Can I pair more than one Airgraft?

We’re feeling the love, but for the moment only one Airgraft can be paired to one account. Our development team is working hard to add more features to the connected experience. Please share your feedback with us through the in-app chat to help guide our roadmap.

Can I pair my Airgraft with multiple devices?

Yes, you can pair your Airgraft Clean Vaporizer with your smartphone, desktop or laptop, as long as it has Bluetooth. Keep in mind that your Airgraft can only connect to one device at the time, so if for example you want to switch from your smartphone to your laptop, please close the app on the smartphone first, then log in and reconnect on the laptop.

Can I get some help?

We’re here for you, please get in touch on [email protected]

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